Curriculum Vitae 2006-2022

solo exhibition


Opening Fornieles Galerie&Atelier in Görnische Gasse 2-3, Meißen with the Solo Exhibition “The Decadents” under the auspices of the Embassy of Spain, supported by Stadt-Meißen.

“Lange Nacht der Kunst, Kultur und Architektur 2022 Meißen”

Exhibition “Paradise City” and Opening of Fornieles Galerie&Atelier in Meißen (Germany)

POP UP Exhibition at Palais am Steinberg, Meißen (Germany)


Exhibition “Diez, Ten, Zehn”, Pisztoryho Palac, Bratislava (Slovakia), Representing the spanish art with the Opening of the II Spanish Week with the solo exhibition and closing it with a Action Painting tribute to Paco de Lucía in the Wustenrot Theater of Bratislava.


Exhibition “Diez, Ten, Zehn”, Galería David Bardía, Bodegas Campillo, La Rioja (Spain).


Solo Exhibition “Diez, Ten, Zehn”, Galería David Bardía, Madrid (Spain).


Presentation the new Serie “Berlin, La Boheme”, Prague (Czech Republic).


Solo Exhibition “Just Fornieles”, LE PALAIS ART HOTEL. Sponsored by Embassy of Spain in Prague. Prague (Czech Republic).

Solo Exhibition “Black Serie / B-Sides”, KÖLNER LISTE CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR 2015, FORMAT X. Cologne (Germany).


Solo Exhibition “Black Serie / B-Sides”, BERLINER LISTE CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR 2014, Stand A 0.25. Berlin (Germany).

Solo Exhibition “recent works”, Hotel Gat Point Charlie, Berlin (Germany). Sponsored by the Embassy of Spain in Berlin.


Solo Exhibition “Notas con Melodrama” NHow Hotel, Berlin (Germany).

Solo Exhibition “Subjective Language”, Café des Artistes, Berlin (Germany). Sponsored by the Embassy of Spain in Berlin and Council of Huelva.


Foundation Juan Ramón Jiménez, JRJ and Zenobia Birthplace and Municipal Theater Moguer “Felipe Godinez”

Solo exhibition Stand One Project ART MADRID 2012 with 3 Punts Gallery.


Exhibition Museum of Huelva, room XXI Century “Angelitos Negros”.

Exhibition “Proceso Etopéyico” Andalusian Youth Institute, Huelva. Exhibition “MDRD: figurative language” Skimoarte Gallery, Madrid.

Exhibition Theatre “Juan Manuel Santana” Lepe (Huelva).

Exhibition Castle 7 Towers Orce (Granada) “Angelitos Negros”.

Exhibition Theatre Municipal Trigueros (Huelva).


Solo exhibition “Angelitos Negros” Convento del Vado, Gibraleón (Huelva, Andalusian).

Solo exhibition “Angelitos Negros” Tavernes, Alicante (Valencia).


First solo exhibition opening Sete Sois Sete Luas Centrum (SSSL Festival 09 ‘) Pontedera, Pisa -Tuscany (Italy).

Exhibition “whip, i plàstica toner” Sta Perpetua de Moguda (Barcelona).

Second Inauguration Sete Sois Sete Cultural Centrum Luas (SSSL Festival) with the exhibition

“Painting with Large Print” and “Angelitos Negros” Sor Ponte do Alentejo (Portugal).


Solo Exhibition “Grey Scales” in Invisible Space, School of Hispanic Studies (Sevilla).

Solo exhibition “Pintores con Letra Grande” Cultural Center “Los Alamos” The Antilla – Lepe Huelva (Andalusian).

Solo exhibition gallery GP13 (Sevilla).

Cajasol Foundation Individual exhibition “Pintores con Letra Grande”, Huelva.


Solo exhibition “Pintores con Letra Grande” on José Saramago Foundation. Castril (Granada).

Solo exhibition of Castle Seven Towers (José Saramago Foundation). Orce (Granada).


Exhibition at IAJ, Huelva (Andalusian).

Solo exhibition “Pintores con Letra Grande” Casa Guabibi, S. de Guadiana (Huelva, Andalusian).

Collective exhibition


Werkschau – Made in Sachsen 2023, Industriemuseum Chemnitz (Germany).

“Up.Date Görnische“ Stadtmuseum Meißen (Germany)


56 PREMIO REINA SOFIA, Casa de Vacas, El Retiro, Madrid (Spain)


KaDeWe, 5th Floor, Dannenberg Auction House. Berlin (Germany)


“Contrastes” to the project Campillo Creativo with Galeria de Arte David Bardia at Bodegas Campillo, Laguardia – Rioja Alavesa (Spain)

National Prize Parlamento de La Rioja.


Summertime 17´ The Big Anual Group Show by Gallery Christoffer Egelund, BREDGADE OPEN 2017, Copenhagen (Danemark).


Group Exhibition Cultur3Club National Art Fair, Gijón – Asturias (Spain).


Group Exhibition “Open Mind” Galeria Los dos – Ibiza  Eivissa (Spain).


International Exhibition “Emergentes DST” Galeria Emergentes – Share Project Braga (Portugal)


“Huelva, the Light into the time” Roaming through different Museums Huelva.

“Fandangos in Space” Galley Luis Miguelez, Eisenacherstraße 11, Berlin (Alemania).

“Seré tu voz, eres mi luz” Foundation Valentín Madariaga, Sevilla.

ARCO 2013 Cultural spaces. Council of Huelva. Project ARCOMadrid, “Huelva, the Light into the time”.


“Huelva, the Light into the time”, Museum of Huelva, room XXI Century.

3 Punts Gallery, Stand Young Art ART MADRID 2012


Traveling Exhibition for the Mediterranean (Portugal, Spain and Italy) “Zezito, The Small

Memories” (Homage to Jose Saramago) organized by Sete Sois Sete Luas Festival


Exhibition Art Award Mutua Granollers (Barcelona).

Participation with funds Centrum 7 Sois 7 Luas sampled “Dolls with rage and excitement” of Dario Fo. 7 Sois 7 Luas Centrum, Pontedera, Pisa (Italy).

Festival 7 Sois 7 Luas “I Personagens Saramago in the Arts”, Azinhaga Golega (Portugal).

International Exhibition of Contemporary Art Award City Isla Cristina (Huelva) 2010

National Painting Prize Exhibition “Maestro Mateo” Cajasur Foundation (Córdoba).

Group exhibition National Contest “Autumn Salon” Huelva.


Exhibition “Zero Culture” in The Sevilla Arts Center (CAS), Convent of San Clemente (Sevilla).

Group exhibition “Behind the Silence” for the book launch of José Aquiles Pettenghi (Jerez, Algeciras, Cadiz and Sierra de Cádiz).

Painting Prize Exhibition Timoteo Pérez Rubio, Oliva de la Fra. (Badajoz).

YOUNG ART Group exhibition 09 ‘Casa Colón (Huelva).

Exhibition against Alzheimer’s, Cultural Center “Los Álamos” La Antilla, Lepe (Huelva).

Group exhibition Gibraleón National Contest, Convento del Vado, Gibraleón (Huelva).

Exhibition “Entremundos 5″ The Port of Arts, and Contemporary Art Cycle Creation. Hotel Paris (Huelva).

National Painting Prize Exhibition XVI Biennial “Alonso Miguel de Tovar” Higuera de la Sierra (Huelva).

Group exhibition III National Painting Prize Young “City of Torrevieja”.


Group exhibition “Painters of Lepe” Sala “Las Posadas” Tomelloso (Ciudad Real).

National Painting Prize group exhibition Young Torrevieja, Torrevieja, Alicante (Valencia).

Exhibition “Terras de Iria” Award, Padron-A Coruña (Galicia).

Group exhibition Fivars Awards 2008 Pego, Alicante (Valencia).

X Prize Painting Group Exhibition “Young Art”, Huelva.

Action painting “Waingunga Musical Festival” Lepe (Huelva).

Exhibition “Architecture, Science and Technology (BIACS)” gallery GP13 Sevilla. 2008

Group exhibition AFALE Cajasol Foundation, Huelva.

Group exhibition National Contest “Autumn Salon” Huelva. Group exhibition Salon d’Automne

XXXVIII Painting San Fernando, Cádiz.


Group exhibition National Painting Competition on the Convento del Vado, Gibraleón (Huelva).

Group exhibition Fivars Awards 2007 Pego, Alicante (Valencia).

Group exhibition AAPOEM Casa Colón (Huelva). Exhibition “YOUNG ART” 2007 Casa Colon (Huelva).

Group exhibition National Painting Competition La Palma del Condado (Huelva).

Group exhibition XXXVII National Painting Competition Autumn Salon San Fernando (Cádiz).


Exhibition “Apology on modern human” Espacio Kubiko Gallery.

Group exhibition IAJ “AIDS and youth” Huelva.



Finalist National Prize Parlamento de La Rioja


Prize Winsor&Newton, Cultur3Club National Fair 2016


Mention National Honor Award Painting Mutual Granollers (Barcelona).


Finalist in the National Painting Prize “City of Torrevieja” Torrevieja, Alicante (Valencia).

Accesit National Award “Maestro Mateo 2010” Work and Social Cajasur Casa Galicia in Córdoba (Córdoba).

First BecARTE 10’ Award, organized by the Andalusian Youth Institute and Cajasol Foundation.


National Competition Finalist Gibraleón Convento del Vado, Gibraleón (Huelva).

First Prize for Painting YOUNG ART 09 ‘.

First Prize in the XVI National Painting Biennial “Alonso Miguel de Tovar” Higuera de la Sierra (Huelva).

Honorable mention at the XVI Biennial of Painting “Alonso Miguel de Tovar” Higuera de la Sierra (Huelva).


Finalist in the Second National Prize for Young Painters of Torrevieja

Special Jury Mention X Prize Painting “Young Art”, Huelva

Prize INICIARTE 08 with the GP13 (Sevilla) gallery. (Proposed by the gallery as Andalusian pop artist).


Finalist in National Competition LVI Gibraleón (Huelva).

BECARTE 2007 (Instituto Andaluz de la Juventud) Award.

Honorable Mention National Painting Competition XXXVII Autumn Salon San Fernando (Cádiz).


Finalist XX National Contest “Autumn Salon” Huelva.

Work in institutions

University Francisco Ayala (Francisco Ayala Foundation) Granada.

Partnership helps people affected by HIV / AIDS AFALE Huelva,.

(Association of Victims of Alzheimer) Huelva.

Guild of “La Bella” Lepe (Huelva).

Foundation El Corte Ingles (Huelva).

Sete Sois Sete Cultural Centrum Luas (Pontedera, Pisa – Italy).

City of Higuera de la Sierra (Huelva)

City of Tavernes of Valldigna (Alicante – Valencia)

Cajasur (Córdoba) Foundation

Andalucian Youth Institute (Huelva)

José Saramago Foundation (Granada), Jose Saramago Foundation

Casa Dos Bicos, Lisbon (Portugal),

Lepe City Hall / Rathaus Lepe (Huelva)

Berlin City Hall / Rathaus Berlin (Germany)

Birthplace of Nobel Juan Ramón Jiménez – Fundación Juan Ramón Jiménez, Moguer (Huelva).

Torino Praga Invest. Torino (Italy)

Le Palais Art Hotel. Prague (Czech Rep.)

Portrait of His Majesty the King of Spain donated to Private Collection. (Spain)

Ezel Stiftung. Dresden (Germany)

Other arts

WORKSHOP Plastic Creativity Lab ” Figurative Expressionism ” Sete Sois Sete Luas Centrum ( Ponte do Sor, Alto Alentejo – Porto Alegre) in November 2009 .

WORKSHOP Plastic Creativity Lab ” Figurative Expressionism ” Cultural Week Sta Perpetua de Moguda (Barcelona ) March 2010 .

President of the Jury Prize YOUNG ART organized by the Fundación El Corte Ingles and AAPOEM 2010

Jury Member for the contest drawing and painting the 175th Anniversary of the Building of the Provincial Headquarters IAJ (Huelva ) 2010

WORKSHOP Teaching Artist for the Workshop ” New Forms of Figurative Construction ” organized by the Junta de Andalucia 20 h duration .

Action Painting ( Live Painting ) during the concert of ” Los Evangelistas ” ( Los Planetas and Lagartija Nick) in the Tribute to Enrique Morente, the Sacromonte (Granada )

Action Painting ( Live Painting ) during the concert of ” Los Evangelistas ” ( Los Planetas and Lagartija Nick and collaboration of Arcangel and Solea Morente ) in Tribute to Enrique Morente, at the Ibero-American Forum of La Rabida ( Nights Forum 2012) , Huelva .

WORKSHOP Plastic Creativity Lab ” Figurative Expressionism ” Sete Sois Sete Luas Centrum ( Ponte do Sor, Alto Alentejo – Porto Alegre ) April 2013.

Member of the Award Railway Photography Huelva- Zafra , Deputation of Huelva.

Action Painting ( Live Painting ) at the 25th Anniversary of Twinning between Madrid and Berlin .

Work on ” Klaus ” ( portrait of Klaus Wowereit , mayor and governor of Berlin) . November 2013 .

Action Painting ( Live painting ) by reason of the Year program activities Platero ( 1914-2014 ) , in the 132 birth anniversary of Nobel laureate Juan Ramón Jiménez. December 23, 2013.

Birthplace JRJ – JRJ Foundation. Moguer ( Huelva ).

WORKSHOP “Figurative Expressionism” Cervantes Institute Berlin (Germany)

Action Painting ( Live Painting ) BERLINER LISTE CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR 2014. Portrait in one hour of Dr. Peter Funken, curator of Berliner Liste 2014. Berlin (Germany).

Action Painting ( Live Painting ) Le Palais Art Hotel in the 100 Anniversary of “The Metamorphosis” from Franz Kafka. 2015, Prague (Czech Republic).

Action Painting ( Live Painting ) “Karel” (Portrait from Karel Gott) Galavečer pro Nadační fond Slunce. Le Palais Art Hotel, 20.06.2015, Prague (Czech Republic).

Keynote Speech in the Academy for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD) “Action Paintings Live Performance” –How the fine Arts and Performing arts can come together” – The International Symposium on Creative Industries, Culinary Innovation and Performing Arts.  ICD – Academy, 28.07.2015, Berlin (Germany).

Action Painting “TRIBUTE TO DAVID BOWIE”, 401contemporary Galerie. 16.02.2016, Berlin (Germany).

WORKSHOP “Malerei und Kreativität”, SOS-KINDERDORF Berlin.

WORKSHOP in School for Life, Chiang Mai – Thailand. 2017

Since March 2019 Emilio Fornieles is a Member of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors.

Action Painting “TRIBUTE TO PACO DE LUCIA”, Theater Wüstenrot, Bratislava (Slovak). 2019

Since August 2022 Emilio Fornieles is a Member of the Kulturraum Meissen, Sächsische Schweiz und Osterzgebirge.

Finale der Langen Nacht der Kunst, Kultur und Architektur: Action Painting “Der Maler und die Taube”, Stadtmuseum Meißen, (Germany). 2023
Texts about the artist:

Disturbing faces of artist set in wooden boards
Emilio Fornieles by Jose Saramago* ENG

So many times running after his own shade, between multiplication in many cases fleeting, trend, schools and ways, the painting which nowadays being done, except for honorable and generally known exceptions, seems incapable of surprising beyond the exacerbation, almost always gratuitous, from the search for provocations in which technical skill too often overcomes artistic talent.
These provocations may be effective on a first observation, but immediately their own contrived character ends up wiping out the novelty and restlessness seizes the anxious gaze. For this reason, certain proposals that are presented to us with intentions of revolutionary daring give us, in the end, the painful feeling of déjà vu.
It may happen, however, that far from the luxury market where, as a rule, the artist usually discreetly invited, if not lower his head, at least resigned to live with the rules of production and trade marked by march ands and criticism, an self-taught artist who is not ashamed of being one; who, stirred simply by genius, seeks and finds unexpected new paths, unexpected uses of color, and forms that, if they sometimes seem to come from expressionism, is simply because his realism wisely knew from the start to give up imposing his inherent limits on himself.
This artist is Emilio Fornieles, of whom I will say nothing more here, unless from now on I will be very attentive to his artistic and vital career. I don’t think I’m wrong to conclude that we are facing the revelation of a great artist. It already is, it will be even more so.

* Jose Saramago (born November 16, 1922 as Jose de Sousa Saramago in Azinhaga, Portugal; † 18. June 2010 Tías, Lanzarote) was a Portuguese novelist, poet, essayist, short story writer, playwright and diarist. In 1998, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Emilio Fornieles von José Saramago* DEU

Künstlergesichter, unruhig auf lange Tafeln fixiert (Vorwort zur Serie Maler in Großbuchstaben)
So viele Male dem eigenen Schatten hinterhergelaufen, im Wirrwarr der oft so kurzlebigen Multiplikation von Tendenzen, Schulen und Richtungen, scheint die Malerei – abgesehen von einigen ehrenwerten und allgemein bekannten Ausnahmen – zu keiner Überraschung mehr in der Lage, die über den benähe immer willkürlichen Reiz und die Suche nach Provokationen hinausgeht, in denen das technische Geschick allzu oft das künstlerische Talent übertrumpft. Vielleicht zeigen diese Provokationen auf den ersten Blick noch Wirkung, aber gleich darauf erstickt ihr eigener aufgesetzter Charakter diese Neuheit im Keim und die Unruhe bemächtigt sich des begierigen Blicks (Betrachters).
Weit weg von den luxuriösen Märkten, wo der Künstler in der Regel heimlich dazu aufgefordert scheint, vielleicht nicht direkt den Kopf zu senken, aber sehr wohl dahingehend zu resignieren, dass er sich an die von den Marchand und Kritikern aufgestellten Regeln von Produktion und Handel hält, mag es jedoch vorkommen, dass plötzlich ein Künstler auftaucht, der Autodidakt ist und sich noch nicht einmal dafür schämt, der einfach aus seiner Veranlagung heraus plötzlich neue Wege, unerwartete Expressionismus herrühren aber nur, weil sein Realismus von Anfang an in weiser Voraussicht darauf zu verzichten wusste, sich den ihm innewohnenden Grenzen zu unterwerfen. Emilio Fornieles ist dieser Künstler, zu dem ich hier nichts weiter sagen will, außer, dass ich von heute an seine künstlerische und private Laufbahn mit größter Aufmerksamkeit verfolgen werde. Ich bin sicher, ich täusche mich nicht, wenn ich abschließend sage, dass wir der Entdeckung eines großen Künstlers beiwohnen. Schon heute ist er groß, aber er wird noch viel weiter kommen.
José SaramagoJosé Saramago (* 16. November 1922 als José de Sousa Saramago in Azinhaga, Portugal; † 18. Juni 2010 in Tias auf Lanzarote) war ein portugiesischer Romancier, Lyriker, Essayist, Erzähler, Dramatiker und Tagebuchautor. 1998 wurde ihm der Nobelpreis für Literatur verliehen.
Other Texts about the artist:

“…What is it then that unites the striking diversity of Emilio’s artistic means and motifs? … What is Emilio’s main artistic goal?

His works indirectly refer to a cultural, spiritual and financial change in society which is in danger of losing its values directed to the benefit of mankind.

Thematically his works are united in their goal of appealing to community care and to the cultivation of spiritual and artistic manifestations of life as a precondition for tolerance and humanity, as a prerequisite for freedom and human dignity and for human cooperation.“

Dr. Wolfgang Hunsinger, Art Historian

“The 1975 born artist Emilio Fornieles was born in the Spanish province of Huelva, and lives since 2013 in Berlin, because he sees the center of artistic creation in Europe in Germany. In 2007 he met the Portuguese Nobel laureate José Saramago know who recognized Emilio ́s enormous artistic potential and promoted him. Emilio Fornieles has reinvented the portrait itself, usually executed on wood panels, with black toners from copiers as colorants on wood. As close-ups, close-ups and cut-outs of faces keep the paintings fixed per a single moment and tell yet profound stories. They are in their reduced form in color and technique, a content-pregnant appeal to humanity, you are prompted to remember artistic and social services and a tribute to the dignity of the individual.”

Electrical Art-Cube Gallery

Emilio Fornieles by Nati Guil (Curator Art History)

“If we consider the artist to be that individual who expresses a creative language with some determined aesthetic values for the perception of the human being—that great receiver, in short, of this language which we call Art—, perhaps their mission is only that of expressing his language as creative: a subjective or intrinsic language that differentiates him from others with the same capacity.

When I became acquainted with Emilio Fornieles and his work in the last edition of the Berliner Liste art fair, without a doubt what most caught my attention was the passion in the execution of his works and the touch of aggressiveness, as well as his command of black and white, which makes it possible to create landscapes and portraits that are charged with great force and dramatic quality.

A self-taught artist, he has been learning how to capture the reality he perceives. He began to paint when he was very young, although it was not until 2006 that he decided to fully dedicate himself to it, due to an exhibition in which “he opened himself to the public”.

Nobel Prize winner José Saramago, who noticed his painting and wrote the introduction for one of his series, also has something to do with this decision. The Nobel Prize winner said of him: “a self- taught artist who is not ashamed of being one; who, stirred simply by genius, seeks and finds unexpected new paths, unexpected uses of color, and forms that, if they sometimes seem to come from expressionism, is simply because his realism wisely knew from the start to give up imposing his inherent limits on himself.”

He has received different national painting prizes and he has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Germany. He has also been in international art fairs, such as ArcoMadrid and Berliner Liste.

In his work he uses unconventional and recycled materials: acrylic paint from drugstores, wood that is sometimes taken out of the garbage, iron sheets, waste toner from photocopiers as a

pigment, etc. In his creative process he opts for creating figurative order from abstract chaos; in other words, a figurative work that, depending on the time taken to execute the work, can become more or less expressive.

He executes this process in three possible ways: to the classical style directly from the natural; from oneiric processes belonging to surrealism; or, as is usual for him, working from a photographic model that he uses as a reference, as is the case in the Black Serie, which is later retouched and framed before he contributes the creative and most traditional part of the entire process, without which an artistic work is not conceived.

Among the artists he takes as a reference we find more writers than visual artists; for example, José Saramago and the humanism present in his work, as well as contemporary figurative painters like Freud and Saville, and the generation of Spanish abstract artists from the 50s, such as Feito and Millares; “however, not so much those others that cram the pages of didactic and academic books and that, once finally seen in real life, have left me feeling completely indifferent.”

Emilio Fornieles is not an artist that is easy to associate with any style. Not even he feels comfortable with that: “each and every one of us differ in everything, however tiny the difference; we would need many more –isms in this system and even then I think that we would commit much more serious errors.”

Saramago said that Fornieles’ style for a series of large portraits that the artist did was Figurative Expressionism, and that they were characteristic of him and that they are rapid works done live as a performance—some of them in only 30 minutes—of famous people, such as the mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit or the curator of Berliner Liste Art Fair Peter Funken.

In the case of the B-sides, done in black and white, the artist transports us to the Renaissance as well as to the chiaroscuro seen in the Baroque period due to the tenebristic figures cloaked in the black background, while using a very contemporary style. In these works the artist is focusing on the themes of love, sex, and passion.

In this way, the artist deals ironically with typically Baroque themes (religious and sacred paintings) in order to be profane and contemporary. He addresses themes like carnal love, desire, and physical contact.”




Emilio Fornieles, nuevo profesor de la prestigiosa academia ‘Lette Verein’ de Berlín

Emilio Fornieles abre la feria de arte contemporáneo más importante de Alemania

Enrique Morente por Emilio Fornieles



„Mr Jo, the Ground & Communication Manager reports continuously about events and developments at the School for Life Chiang Mai!“–my-idea-at-le-palais-art-hotel-is-to-recreate-that-atmosphere-like-it-was-in-paris-at-the-end-of-the-1800-s/

Table For Seven: My Muses Came With Me



Shair Estreia com Metade das Obras Vendidas



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“audrey” (“Notas con Melodrama” 2011©) Vogue (DEU)

Galavečer pro Nadační fond Slunce

Le Palais Art Hotel, 20.06.2015