“green as I want you green”

With this serie I am returning to my origins, to where I first expressed myself through colours. It took me years to understand where the power of an artwork lies; I tried many times as a autodidact artist to develop and transform myself, with different materials, principles, concepts and most importantly forgetting to be myself.

My style is figurative expressionism, based on the gravity of my own strokes. Actually, I hardly use strokes, but gestures, not at all orthodox, and where the stages and changes of tones and colours remain separate, a geographical sorting through a chaotic method. Quick and aggressive placement, with no attention to mistakes, every gesture is necessary.

A self-discovered technique according to my subjective artistic language, where the contents of my character, soul and personality meet on the spot, on the canvas and through a mastery of the process.
Every artist must have his or her own subjective language under control; one must know and master this language and its vocabulary born from our own abilities.

Emilio Fornieles © 2024

All the paintings are acrylic & Pigment on canvas 189x96 cm.