The Decadents

    • Oil on Canvas

A introspection with the soul moments, chromatic suggestions, play of light by means of the sequences into the space and the time, interior landscapes… Since miniatures to big formats (150×200 or 120×150 cm), Oil on canvas…(in Progress).

In an exercise in interpretation of form and color for a figurative construction and inspired by Frédéric Chopin’s Waltzes, in which the enormous Polish musician even manages to make the echo of the last note a reason not to give space a respite , to silence, each millimeter of the canvas surface is equally treated in the same way. A continuous invasion of forms, gestures or random color tones, where the error of the line is aesthetic and accompanies the intentional line. With a distancing from academicism in my case, due to my own self-taught training, chromaticism is not only a constructive action, but also a deconstructive one. The work manifests random and intended color notes, with a positive result for my personal satisfaction, which is harmonic and balanced and where nothing pretends to be absolute, especially in terms of shape and tone. Black is always avoided in my palette, a darkness with shades and secondary colors, which I consider sufficient and which provides the intended depth and volume as well as the balance of the final contrast. The definition of the elements depends on the interest in representing light, sometimes in brief gestures in which the spontaneity of tone or form transmit quickly and therefore I consider finished, as well as other gestures that are overloaded with both color and form , and on the contrary, they seem endless to me due to the enormous perception of infinite tonalities that they suggest to me in the conception. In any case, a personal interpretation of light in a process of abstract chaos of forms, tones and gestures, whose purpose is to find figurative order and harmony. 

Emilio Fornieles © 2022