The Essence

    • Installation

“…With his handicraft and almost surgical skill he succeeds in transferring large photographies into the inner part of the glass. This is finest miniature painting achieved with plastic paint and with an extremely thin brush – truly a masterly achievement!.   He incorporates LED’s into the corks bathing the portraits and glass-tubes in blue light. In art history blue is a colour of distance, of remoteness. “We find blue”, says Kandinsky, “… far away from mankind …, calling man into infinity, awakening in him the desire for purity and the supernatural ….” The French artist Yves Klein once said that his most perfect painting was his mere glance into the blue sky of Nice. By bathing these portraits in blue light,…Emilio Fornieles presents the deceased former cultural figures within another world, within their transcendent and immaterial sphere. Yet their image admonishes and warns us to keep them in mind in this world of mental emptiness.”


The Essence 2013

Cylindrical glass 10 cm high and 1.5 cm in diameter with blue LED and battery 3 V.

The first phase of the series presented in 2013 ARCOMadrid.